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Paym: The Mobile
Way to Pay

Convenience is king and that is why the Payments Council in conjunction with VocaLink have worked hard with the payments industry to launch Paym [pronounced “Pay Em”], a new way to pay using just a mobile number. You won’t need to use account numbers and sort codes to pay friends and family, and the service will use the same high level of security as the payments people already use every day.

Every smartphone user is now used to the idea of ‘mobile updates’ that improve the services they use on their mobile. Paym is a mobile update for payments - it’s the first industry-wide collaboration with the potential to link up every bank account in the country with a mobile number. Paym is available to more than 40 million customers, through participating UK banks and building societies, representing over nine out of ten current accounts. It has created simplicity in a crowded and often confusing mobile payments marketplace.

Is Paym safe and secure?

Yes. The service has been developed by the participating UK banks and building societies to meet with their high security standards. You’ll also be using your existing mobile banking or payments app, so the same strict security levels will apply.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes. Your details are held securely, and fully protected by data protection laws. The only information stored by Paym are the details needed to send and receive payments.

How do I send payments with Paym?

To make a payment, you need to login to your existing mobile banking or payments app as you would normally. Then instead of entering someone’s account number and sort code, you can either select the contact you wish to pay or manually enter their mobile number. The app will ask you to confirm the name of the recipient, and the amount. Once you’re happy you just need to press send. You’ll then receive confirmation that your payment has been sent.

How do I receive payments?

To receive payments using Paym, you must first register your mobile number and the current account you’d like to receive payments into with your bank or building society. When someone has transferred money to you it will appear in your account, even if your mobile is switched off.

Do I need a smartphone?

Anyone with a mobile number can register to receive money through Paym - it doesn’t matter if it’s a smartphone. You might need a certain type of phone to send money though - check with your bank or building society if you aren’t sure.

VocaLink Paym Infographic